Below are descriptions of the items Little Dove Design offers for your invitation suite, which you can mix and match to meet your needs.


Save the date
These cards are a nice courtesty to guests giving them 6-12 months notice prior to the wedding that your nuptials will be underway. It allows guest to make travel plans and arrange for time off. Typically, save the dates include the date of the event and location, but can also list local attractions, the wedding website, a story of the proposal or how you met or even a mounted engagement photo. They give you an opportunity to have fun and be creative as they are usually less formal than the invitation itself.

The standard invitaton size in the United States is a 5” x 7” flat panel card known as an A7 announcement. However, slightly larger sizes such a the A9 announcement 5.5” x  8.5” is gaining popularity. Little Dove Design offers an array of sizes as well as specialty die cuts for truly custom and personalized wedding suites.

The practice of using outer/inner envelopes or double envelopes was orginally intended to protect the invitations from any abuse they may incurr along the postal process. The outer envelope is then removed to showcase a pristine envelope holding the invitation and its components. Little Dove Design’s outer/inner envelope combinations come with pointed Euro flaps.

Inner Envelopes are usually ungummed (no glue strip) and work beautifully with envelope liners. Along with adding an additional layer of protection for the invitation, the inner envelope adds formality and is customarily addressed with the names of exactly who is invited to the wedding. This is a great help in clearing up the question of children attending. Inner envelopes come in a pointed Euro flap style are listed at an additional cost.

Envelope Liners
Envelope liners are used to further enhance the envelopes. They can be inserted into both Outer or Inner envelopes. This embellishment gives a big impression and can feature an additional pop of color, complementory pattern, custom artwork, monogram or design.

Reception Cards
If the reception information is not included on the invitation or if the reception will be taking place in an other location from that of the ceremony, it is customary and more formal to use a separate reception card. This will also help in keeping the invitaion less crowded and elegant, if there is too much information on the invitation itself.

Reply Cards
Reply cards or rsvps from the french phrase “Répondez s’il vous plaît” meaning “Reply if you please” will let you know which guests are planning on atttending your celebration. They are usually sized as either A2 or 4Bar flat panels with envelopes or 2-sided postcards.

Helpful tip- Sometimes guests will reply omitting their names leaving you to guess as to whom may have sent the response. A good way to get around this is to pencil in a small number on the back of the card that corresponds to an entry on your invitation list. Simply look up the same number on your master guest list to see the guest name.

Reply Postcards
Post cards need to be A2 size to be accepted by the USPS. Return address and response information may be printed on the same side or double sided with the reponse information on one side and the return address on the other.

Response Envelopes
The name of the return recipient is printed on the front of the response envelope and usually positioned slightly lower to accommodate for the stamp.

Maps and Direction Cards
Little Dove Design will custom illustrate maps or type set direction cards to match the rest of your wedding suite and make it more visually appealing. Little Dove Design offers beautiful custom-illustrated maps for those who are searching for something other than a written direction card. Costs for custom-illustrated maps range from $175.00 and up depending on the complexity and time involved. These fees will be charged in addition to our printing costs.

Accommodation Cards
These cards are ideal for informing your guests of lodging for their overnight stay.

Itinerary Cards
If you are planning a destination wedding or a long weekend celebration with activiities, these cards offer up a detailed plan of the events to come. It also allows guests to be prepared with travel, arrival and depature times, as well as what type of clothing to pack. These fun and creative cards are either sent with the invitation package, separately to those who will be attending or presented as part of a welcome basket.

Belly Bands
These bands are wide strips of paper wrapped around the center of the invitations to hold all the elements together. They may be made from colored paper or printed with a special quote, monogram, wedding date, or artwork.

At Home Cards
These cards provide information on the couples new married names and address. They may be included with the thank you cards or mailed separatley.

Website Card
A website card listing your wedding link  is a sweet way to keep guests updated on all information such as directions, lodging, activities, and even your gift registry. This small card is printed independentaly, as etiquette states that it is most formal to keep this information free of the invitation itself.

Pocket Folders
These folders are a beautiful way to bring together all the elements of a design suite in an organized fashion. Invitations are mounted onto the interior panel and the pocket serves as a great way to collect the other elements of the design suite. Little Dove Design offers colored and custom-printed pocket folders available with special die-cut flaps.

Wax Seals
Wax seals lend an old world and vintage flair to your wedding suite. We offer custom seals to match your wedding suite in individual peel-and-stick or brass-handled stampers with non-cracking wax for the DIY couple. Wax is available in a wide range of colored and metallic styles.

Day-of Items

Escort or Seating Cards
These small cards can be flat or folded/tented to stand upright. They will include the guest names and guide them to their table at the reception.

Place Cards
If you decide to assign seats at your wedding, you will need a card inscribed with the guest’s name at each place setting. They may be flat and displayed tied to a napkin, glass or placed on a plate, We also offer folded/tented versions to stand upright.

Table Cards
These will help guest find the way to their assigned tables. Sometimes tables are numbered or named with places or locations that hold significance to the couple. You or your calligrapher may write the numbers or names onto the cards themselves. Little Dove Design offers them in an A7 (5” x 7”) size in quantities of 25 and 50 for larger parties.

These will offer guest teh opportunity to view all of the culinery offerings available at your reception and make wonderful keepsakes. They may also serve double duty as place cards if you allow a line at the top of each menu to have you or your calligrpaher write in each guests name.

Drink Cards
Do you have a signature drink or specialty beers/wines served on your big day? What better way than to have some signage featuriung your favorite libations? Our drink cards feature a custom design to match your wedding suite with lines to write in your signature cocktails and its key ingredients or perhaps an anecote of why this drink is so special to you as a couple.  Cards are A7 in size and sold in sets of 25 and 50.

Drink coasters are another great way to personalize your wedding. Adding motifs such as monograms, quotes, signature drink recipes or Q&A about the couple help to make great ice breakers for the guests as well. Coaster are availabel in both letterpress and digital printing. Letterpress printing on coasters offers the option of either square or circular formats.

These allow guests to become aquanited with members of the wedding party, special traditions or customs that may be incorporated into the cermony. You may also choose to share your love story about how you met, the proposal or a little trivia about yourselves and the wedding party. Programs also serve as a great way to occupy guests while they wait for the ceremony to begin.

Program Fans
Program fans have become a specialty here at Little Dove Design. We offer beautiful digital and letterpress specialty die-cut shapes in 4 and 5 panel fans. These items are as stunning as they are unique. They make gorgeous keepsakes and will definitley be a conversation starter.

Gift Tags
These look great tied onto favors. Custom shapes as well as rectangles, squares, circles and ovals may be made. If you would like each tag have predrilled holes for ribbons, please inquire.

Post-Wedding Items

Thank You Cards
Notes should be sent within 2 months after a gift is received. It is advised to order thank you notes with your wedding stationery, so that you may have them at the ready. Cards may be flat or folded and may incorporate a photo.

At Home Cards
These cards provide information on the couples new married names and address. They may be included with the thank you cards or mailed separatley.

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