Addressing Wedding Invitation Envelopes 1

Envelope Addressing

Envelope Addressing

Addressing Envelopes – Part 1

The correct way to address your wedding invitation envelopes is a question that pops up every once in a while. I will let you know the proper etiquette for printing both return and guest addresses on your wedding envelopes.

Customarily, the return address consists only of the street address. This is typically positioned on the back flap of the envelope. Quite different from normal post, the return address for wedding invitations is never positioned in the top left, front/face of the envelopes.

In the past, the return address was often blind embossed, without ink onto the back flap. The idea behind keeping the return address so subtle, was to give the recipient a bigger impression of the gorgeous invitation waiting inside the envelope. ( a larger “wow” factor). Today, the look can also be achieved using the letterpress technique without ink or printed digitally using tone on tone inks.

However, during these more modern times, the envelope has itself stepped into the spotlight quite a bit. Offerings include colored variations, wooden veneers, custom made monograms as well as beautiful designed liners to slip inside the envelope itself. They are fast becoming a beautiful accessory to the main event — the invitation.

The worry is no longer of taking away from the importance of the invitation, but instead, adding to it. Each item in a wedding stationery suite is thoughtfully considered. The effect is a beautifully curated and well thought out design that punctuates the beauty of the wedding day. It will set the tone for the event and add a sense of excitement and anticipation for your guests.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article. I will cover the proper etiquette of printing guest names and addresses.


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